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3 Easy Ways to get the attention of consumers ignoring your ads on Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, lots of research has proven that consumers are ignoring ads on their social media pages.  In an article, When Brands Try Too Hard on Social Media Pages, (2015) by Forbes Contributor, Blake Morgan, she references a Forrester research that states, “Brands are using social media more than ever, and users are ignoring them more than ever.” Last year,  posts from brands created interactions with 4.2% of a brand’s followers. This year, that fell to 2.2%. On Pinterest, interactions fell from 0.1% to 0.04%. Consumers are developing what used to be called “banner blindness.” Social Media is the primary go to spot for brands to hangout on the borders of consumers’ screens. In 2017, interaction with these ads continue to drop. It’s time to engage instead of bombarding folks with ads.

Here are 3 alternative ways to find and engage consumers:

  1. Collaborate with coffee and tea houses; trendy restaurants, museums and popular entertainment venues.
  • Offer bundle deals for using a product or service.
  • Connect to an important cause.
  • Give real life experiences. Believe it or not, people like touchy/feely experiences. Don’t worry, they’ll share it.
  • The Art of Institute of Chicago just had huge success allowing people to experience the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. They collaborated with Airbnb.

Check it out here: Chicago Art Institute and Airbnb

  1. Smart Phones
  • Don’t just text a bazillion coupons and deals. I always assume a better one will come the next day if I don’t click on my fresh coupon. Just saying!
  • Introduce super cool mobile Apps that interact with your product and/or service.
  1. Good old fashion billboards always warm my heart
  • Street marketing is by far the most organic way to reach an audience.
    • If you never seen a billboard advertisement, chances are you’ve never been in public or perhaps not born.
    • Yeah, people are obsessed with their gadgets. True!  But don’t snooze on some of the super dope and creative billboards hugging the expressway, on bus stops, on train platforms, and anywhere there’s public transportation and foot traffic.

Check out these awesome billboards: Creative Billboards Around the World

When consumers vanish from social media, do not be discouraged. People are still paying attention to what matters to them. Connecting is not exclusive to social media.  Connecting is a relationship joined by links established from many means of communication.


Now, go out there and be great!!!

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Trending- Making memories with Snapchat and Facebook

Snapchat introduces memories. Users can show off their super cool memories with fun graphics.

Check out the following video on how it works:

Snapchat memories


Tip:  Snapchat memories is an opportunity for marketers to share memories and cross promote brand stories.


Facebook users are going live. When I sign into my Facebook account my friends and family are posting their adventures on vacation, at weddings and all things entertaining as it go down. These live videos are super fun and in real-time. When your watching a live video, you have the option to click or tap subscribe to get notified when that person starts another live broadcast.

Check out how this super cool way to take your friends, family and followers on your journey works:

Facebook live


Tip:  Facebook live is an opportunity for marketers to increase social mentions by connecting live with fans, followers, and friends in real-time to show what’s going on with products and services.


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Lights, Camera, Action- 3 tips to bring out the magic in your next film campaign

Going to the movies is fun. Escaping to the movie theater has always been one of my favorite things to do. In my opinion, life would be boring without witnessing the work of producers, directors, writers, actors, and actresses.

In a March 2007 Ted Talk, J.J. Abrams; a well-known producer and writer, spoke about what inspires him when writing and producing. He says, “There’s an amazing sense of opportunity out there. And when I think of the filmmakers who exist out there now who would have been silenced, you know—who have been silenced in the past—it’s very exciting thing.”

In his talk, J.J. Abrams premise is based on a mystery magic box. He bought the box from a magic store decades ago and never opened it.  The box cost $15 with $50 worth of magic in it.

The magic box represents Mr. Abram beloved grandfather, infinite possibility, hope, and potential. Mystery, as it relates to fiction, is a genre involving something mysterious such as death or a crime to be solved. Each character plays a credible role in making the story move along and keeps the audience engaged. J.J. Abrams says that mystery is more important than knowledge and that it’s a catalyst for imagination. He goes on to say that, “I realize that [that] blank page is a magic box, you know? It needs to be filled with something fantastic.” Overall, he’s suggesting that stories are mystery boxes.

J.J. Abrams is the best at mastering excitement around his work. He has an excellent way of reinforcing brand loyalty by giving followers teasers by revealing the names of characters and presenting teaser trailers. Mr. Abrams is revealing some of the mystery to get a reaction and get people engaging. The trailer for Star Wars broke a record number of 88 million views within 24 hours.

I wholeheartedly believe there’s magic in every story regardless of the genre. As quoted above, there’s always a sense of opportunity. Having the talent to tell a story on a grander scale is attainable provided that there’s some magic in characters and words. Character building is an art form in writers, rather on a larger or smaller scale. What makes the difference is having the ability to carry the story forward in a way that makes the audience excited and want more.

Watch the J.J. Abrams’ Ted Talk here: 

J.J. Abrams Ted Talk

Drawing inspiration from J.J. Abrams, I’d like to offer the following 3 marketing tips:

  1. Create an immersive experience by combining social media with storytelling.
  2. Create audience participation by giving them a say in storyline outcomes.
  3. Give selective releases of information about the characters and story.


[Source: The Art of Immersion:  How the digital generation is remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the way we tell stories, Chapter 7, The Hive and the Mystery Box, Frank Rose]


The Power of Politics in Social Media

My streaming tears felt as though they would never end. For a moment, I felt my parents presence and thought to myself they are dancing in the sky. Standing in Grant Park, my sister and I couldn’t believe what we were witnessing.

On November 5, 2008, Grant Park felt as though it was frozen in time. For a few seconds, there was dead silence across Chicago’s downtown. Then it happened in an instant; the big mega screen read “Obama Wins.”

Under the deep blue starry sky, embracing strangers were calling friends and loved ones, and taking to social media to express excitement and to confirm it’s real. People were yelling, Oh My God, Is this true! Frantically jumping, praising in different languages and faith, people snapped pictures and shared on social media.

When President Obama came out with his family, it felt as though I knew them personally. No doubt, they felt the same. The crowd felt warm, accepting and ready to embrace the unthinkable. People of all ages, races, national origin and economical backgrounds seem to forget for that moment, we are different. What was evident was that we were all equally ready for change.

Travelling the country, running in local food joints, standing in front of crowds of admirers, Candidate Obama talked of being a skinny kid with a funny name. He dreamed of one day making a difference. To this day, he talks of living in a time of extraordinary change.

Not only did the country experience social change, what it means to be a politician catapulted into a prime time event across multiple channels. The best thing that happened to the campaign was the “Right Button” to click.

Yes. Candidate Obama’s entire support system revolved around that button. The goal was to reach as many supporters and every dollar possible out their pockets to support an unimaginable political experience. The “Red Button” was much greater than any face-to-face conversation in political history.

From the moment then Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy; I knew it was history in the making; win or lose. I voted. It was just the routine to honor the work of my parents and their generation to give us the right to vote and voice our opinion.

Tasking themselves to find the right messages and images, Mr. Obama’s staff found the perfect match to go with the red button. An image of Barack Obama’s family and a red “Learn More” button improved the campaign’s signup rate by 40.6%. The sign ups translated to 2.8 million more email subscribers, 288,000 more volunteers, and $57 million in donations. [Source: A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers]

Eight years later we are watching and waiting for the next rising star to take social media by storm. As President Barack Obama makes his exit from the White House, I can’t help but think about the power of a click and share. I’m predicting future generations will be voting 100% remotely and even more data to use when making choices.