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Kinky Curly- 4 tips to appeal to Kinky Curly girls in a heavily saturated market

Growing up kinky curly made me who I am today. I’m ok with being different. I’m never at a loss for words. I’m accepting of my unique features. My appearance directs my personal goals, a deeper sense of nature, and self-love.

Hot combs, relaxers, lye, dye, and hair grease were kinky curly girls’ product angels. At times, my curls refused to conform to the madness. They just wanted to be left alone.  If my curls had feelings, they would mourn the times of being robbed of resting comfortably and free from harm.

Kinky curls left stranded and free to twirl, curl, and shrink to half the length makes life unassuming and easy. My kinky curls naturally adjust to the climate. My curls let me know when it’s time to add moisture on those cold and dry days. When it’s steamy and hot, my curls sparkle and shine under the sun.

After years of straightening with heat and chemicals, my curls were finally at wits end with product assaults. My kinky curls succumbed to years of torture. My scalp scarred and refused to repair itself. My wallet became so intertwined with products, my hair essentially destroyed my budget.

My condo was decorated with baskets and bins full of hair products from corner to corner. I eventually lost track of my spending. I tried everything to make my curls better. I wanted to stretch my curls.  I wanted my curls to bounce and fly in the wind. I wanted to have the option to straighten my curls on special occasions. I was so lost in being everything my curls weren’t meant to be, I sort of lost my identity.

The last time I went to the beauty supply store, I stood in an aisle of products specifically designed for kinky curly girls. I became overwhelmed with emotions. I stormed out and then went to the nearest barber shop. Men turned, stared and waited for a young boy to appear. Unless, I birth a son at that moment, it was impossible.  I sat in the first willing barber’s chair and said shave it off.

I started repeating the mantra, I am not my hair on a daily basis. I read endless articles about women with Alopecia. I tried to find some common themes within conversations about damaged scalps. I researched natural ways to heal and bring life back to my scalp. As time went by, I started to love my peach fuzz on my scalp. I’m ok now. Beauty shines from head to toe.

Here are two word clouds from popular kinky curly twitter handles.  Check it out:

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Based on common words, marketers should know 4 simple steps to market to kinky curly girls.

Here they are:

  1. Find communities of curly girls having conversations on social media.
  2. Design campaigns around giveaways and contests.
  3. Listen and share stories about product experiences.
  4. Promote and front load content with love and appreciation for natural beauty.