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Storytelling – 3 tips to keep your brand story’s heart beating

It’s a brand new day. No pun intended. Having a compelling story in today’s social media is critical to survive in a highly competitive environment. Having an emotional connect with your targeted audience will not only create engagement but will increase sales.

Stirring up emotions, getting attention, and triggering engagement is great provided that your targeted audience trusts that the story will resonate over time. Often times, great stories become irrelevant as customer needs change. As marketers, we should focus on keeping the story fresh and conversations vibrant and ongoing.

When was the last time you got excited about a product launch and couldn’t wait to get your hands on it? Many times, we see people in line waiting to be the first to purchase. In that line, consumers are sharing stories, their brand experiences or why he or she is a first-time buyer.

I found this incredibly insightful article, “Science of storytelling.” This article gives the following six fantastic tips to help incorporate sophisticated storytelling into digital marketing efforts:

“Develop a true understanding of your target audience.”

“Through your conversations, identify emotional drivers your buyers experience.”

“Prioritise authenticity as much as possible.”

“Whether you are using Facebook, a blog, Twitter, direct mail or even a billboard, use the strengths of your channel to tell your story appropriately.”

“Give your stories credibility.”

 “Encourage user-generated content to share different perspectives of your overarching story.”

Storytelling is at the heart of every great brand story and we know how to get to those stories. The challenge is to ask the right questions, find out what matters to consumers, and to simultaneously share meaningful stories across multiple channels.

I’d like to offer three additional tips I believe will be valuable in your next story campaign:

  1. Purchase intent– Find out why your customers/clients bought or plan to buy your product or services.
  2. Listen/observe– Use social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, read comments on company blogs and websites, and evaluate behavior triggers.
  3. Timing– Reach your audience at the right time and place to get the best results from great content.