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Everybody loves MUSIC!  Right? – Here are 5 quick tips to get folks excited about your event

Share! Share!  Share!

Twitter – quick videos and messaging with awesome hashtags

Instagram – super shiny photos that speak without words

Facebook- If you’re alive, you know what to do


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Know your audience

Talk to your followers – find out more about them

Design your deliverables around where they are throughout the day

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Give a sneak peek of what to expect

Post clips of previous events

Post artist interviews or just jiving around (make it fun and engaging!)

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Shout out the venue

Let your audience know more about the venue that will host the event

Give details about the accommodations


Open dialogue after your event

Invite supporters to share about their experience

Respond to all comments; positive and negative

Show you care by listening

See you at the next event!  Let’s have fun!!